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Its me- just Black & White !!

 About me

Photography is an Art, well its actually a Science..hence i think i dont quite qualify as a 'Professional Photographer' per-se..rather I'd like to call myself a "Momentographer"- one who likes to capture and re-live the precious series of moments aka Life.

My work is just a momentous spurt of hobby rather than a gifted art or something, however - be it for me or for someone else.. my intent is always the same- to capture the moments , make them as presentable as I can, store them safely (trust me its as important as capturing it ;) ) and be able to re-view, re-visit the simple as that.


Success, in this realm here, thus is defined as a tear of joy and/or a smile that rolls up your face when you're oggling at that frame taken years ago that takes you back in time, to a moment where the time becomes standstill....that is what success would mean to this one's for ..well..all those pictogenix out there..cheers !!

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